The Birdhouse is proud to rent the latest gear without compromise.

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RED DMSC2 Monstro 8K VV (Full Frame)
RED DMSC2 Epic-W Helium 8K S35
RED DMSC2 Dragon-X 6K S35
Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 5D Mark II
GoPro 9
GoPro 8

Canon EF Lenses
Canon Cine Primes
Canon CineServo 17-120mm
LensBaby Effects Lenses
RED Lenses - PL Mount

Camera Support
Zacuto Electronic Viewfinders
Anton Bauer Chargers
Anton Bauer, Canon, Sony, Other Batteries
Personal Stabilization (EasyRig)
Camera Cases, Rollers, and Backpacks

Panasonic 18" Monitor
Panasonic 17" Monitor
Panasonic 9" Monitor
TV Logic 7" Monitor
Small HD 7" Monitor
Marshall 6.5" Monitor

Wireless HD Video
Teradek Bolt 500 LT
Teradek Bolt Pro 300
Teradek Bolt Pro

Jib . Dolly . Slider
CamMate Travel Series 11-25′ Jib
Dana Dolly
Wally Dolly
Rhino Slider
Kessler Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly
Syrp Genie

Handheld Gimbals
MoVI M10
DJI Osmo+

DJI Inspire 2
DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller

K5600 HMI 800W Jokers
LitePanels Bi-Color 1×1 - Astra EP
LitePanels Bi-Color 1×1 - Astra Soft
LitePanels Bi-Color 1×1 - Gemini Soft
Arri Tungsten Light Kit (D2)
Arri Tungsten Light Kit (D4)
JTL 500W Softbox Kit
Wescott LED Bi-Color Ring Lights
Westcott Ice Lights
Kino Flo 2×2’s
Dedo Lights
LTO Peppers
Paper Lanterns
Practical Lights
Mole 5K housed with 2K Bulb

Grip & Electric
Light Stands
6×6 Butterfly Kits w/Hi Hi Rollers
Dimmers, Squeezers, Stingers
Misc. Grip Gear (Platypus, Clamps, etc.)
Expendables: Including Gels, Gaff & Paper Tape, Etc.

Sound Devices 633 Digital Audio Mixer
Zoom 8 Channel Mixer
H4N Recorder
Sennheiser Wireless Lavs
Boom/Shotgun Mics
Live Audio Mics ( for live vocals, Instruments)

Autoscript Teleprompter

Live Streaming
Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro
Zoom LiveTrak Audio Mixer

Post Production
iMac Pro, iMac Computers with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier, & DaVinci Resolve
2x and 4x RAID Enclosures, Portable HDD’s, Portable SSD’s, Bare Hard Drives
Over 180TB in Hard Drive Storage
mLogic LTO-8 Tape Backup System
Film Scanning & B&W Photographic Enlargement
Legacy Playback Decks - BetaCamSP, DVCProHD, SVHS