cameras . lights . audio . jibs . aerial . production . crew

lights . grip . electric


800W HMI Joker Bug (K5600) w/Chimera, Chimera Pancake


Litepanels Astra 1x1 EP Bi-Color LED (Traveler Trio Kit, Two Lite Kit)

(with Gold Mount for battery operation)


Litepanels Astra 1x1 Bi-Color LED SOFT

(with Gold Mount for batter operation)


ColorRight Power Panel (Daylight, Battery)


Arri D4 Kits (1-650W w/Chimera, 1-300W, 2-150W)


Arri D2 Kits (2-650W, 1-300W) w/Chimera


5K Mole-Richardson Fresnel (Housed with 2K Bulb)


JTL 500W SoftBox Kits


Kino-Flo 2’ - 2 Banks (Daylight or Tungsten)


LED 4’ Tubes (Daylight Balanced)


China Balls


Dedo Light Kit (4 x 200W Lights, Ballast, Cables, Plates, Case)


200W LTM Peppers


Misc. Practicals & Small Lights


Anton-Bauer On-Board Lights


Ikan iLED312-SB - On-Camera or Hand-held Dual-Color LED

w/2 Sony Rechargeable Batteries, A/C, Car Power Option, mount, barn doors, carrying case.


featured lighting rental video

Litepanels Astra 1x1 LED's

grip . electric

C-Stands (Silver, Black)


Baby Stands (Arri, Matthews, Others)


Hi-Hi Roller Stands (Matthews)


6x6 Butterfly Frames (w/Griff, Silks)


Flex-Fills, Green Screen Flex Fill


Backdrop Kits w/Cloth


Mafer, Cardilinni, Grip Clips, Gator Grips


Misc. Grip Accessories


Magic Gadgets 2K Dimmer, Practical Dimmers


Stingers/Extension Cords (10 - 100’)



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cameras . lights . audio . jibs . aerial . production . crew