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THE BIRDHOUSE is pleased to provide tips on photography & video shooting (as well as other new gadgets, and topics that may interest you) by it’s founder, Brian Tweedt, SOC.  Brian is a well known Director of Photography and Camera Operator who works primarily in the unscripted Television world, but still loves and shoots still photography.  Most entries are written for those with a basic understanding of photography & video who would like to expand their knowledge.  Latest entries are at the top of the page.  Enjoy!




What is a RED 8K Camera, why is everyone so excited about it, and do I need it for my next production?


The latest news from NAB, from cameras, lenses, and cool new gadgets to improve your production.


The C300 is a great camera... But how can you make it work for Reality TV / Unscripted TV?  Here are the answers.


Learn White Balance tips for a Canon 5D Mark II.  These tips apply to other cameras too!


There are lots of questions about the ISO Setting in a Canon 5D Mark II.  Here are some answers.


Tips & Tricks you can use to have successful holiday family photos and videos.


Can't get the right shot for the holidays?  Here are some tips & tricks to help out!


Confused by all of the types of cameras out there?  Here are the basics to get you started.


Lomography is the art of shooting film with plastic cameras.  Instagram and Hipstamatic's beginnings.  See examples and get tips from a pro.











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cameras . lights . audio . jibs . aerial . production . crew